Common Questions

I don’t like the design of my website

Cottontail Creative offers website redesign services for a number of different platforms and configurations. Redesign can be a difficult undertaking but Cottontail uses a combination of industry best-practices, influence from your existing brand assets, and a explorative process that gets to know you, your brand, your product to ultimately create a website that is uniquely … Continued

My website is too difficult to manage or maintain

So you’ve created your website, but now what? Yesterday you were trying to update your business hours and you got so sidetracked digging through menus to make the correct changes you nearly threw your laptop across the room. Cottontail provides managed web services so you can worry about what keeps the lights on and leave … Continued

I don’t have a website but I don’t know where to start

If you ask four different colleagues what they use for their website and they’ll give you five different answers. “WordPress is the only option. It powers almost 40% of the web.” “Just use SquareSpace, it’s easy.” “My 8-year-old made me a custom website builder, he’ll make you one too!” In this modern era we have … Continued

My website isn’t performing as well as I’d like

Sloths move 0.003 miles per hour. Does your website load even slower? Upgrades can be scary but Cottontail is here to help. Get your online presence up to speed with the latest standards set by Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Cottontail gets your site ready for search engines an optimizes for mobile devices on slow cellular … Continued

I’d like to improve my search engine presence

You’ve probably read somewhere on the internet or maybe you’ve watched a video about how search engine marketing (SEM) can turn your website into a 6-figure passive income machine but you don’t know how to get there. Cottontail can help you navigate the complicated world of meta tags, keywords, slugs, backlinks, and all the other … Continued

I just want to talk because I don’t know where to start

Sifting through endless blog posts and asking colleagues about running a website will only leave you more confused. Talking to an expert about your web presence will get the advice that caters to your business and needs. Cottontail is tool-agnostic because ultimately you need something that works for you, your business, and your customers.