Discover Corps

When we decided to redesign our website around a new brand concept, we turned to Aidan to strategically develop what we had in mind. Aidan not only exceeded our expectations in terms of what he created but provided thought leadership throughout the process helping to guide the design in an even better direction. We continue to work with Aidan to continuously improve the website and ensure that it is running optimally. His support has been invaluable.

Vertical Construction

Our brand and our website is important. When we needed a fresh new look optimized for mobile, Cottontail came to the rescue. We are so pleased with how we can showcase our story and work history. Now, I think we have the best website in town.


I hired Aidan to build a custom WordPress theme for a SaaS startup. I chose him because he had thoughtful recommendations about how to architect the site for page-speed without giving up usability or design. He possesses a unique combination of design and coding skills. We didn’t sacrifice anything by working with someone who is both a developer and designer. He also provided guidance on other web technologies to improve our site.

Summer Springboard

After working with Aidan on another successful project, I hired him to do a design overhaul of another website. This business had an existing website, but was very inflexible and hard to add new types of content to. We also had severe budget constraints because Covid has crushed this business. Aidan devised a clever way to salvage some of what we had, but created a much more flexible backend. He also built some new content types and came up with a new design. He implemented the new design and functionality within our budget constraints.

Pronghorn Advisors

I have worked off and on with Aidan for the last 4 years. He has thoughtful ideas and is very fun to work with. He is an amazing Creative who consistently delivers on time and on budget while truly achieving creative insight.

Garage Clay

Aidan has been such a rockstar and crucial part of getting our website up and running. We originally tried to build our WordPress/WooCommerce website on our own, but quickly realized we were in over our heads. Aidan was the best at patiently sorting through our novice work and grand ideas, and putting a realistic plan into action. 10/10 would recommend this guy to help with website development!

Brainstorm Ink

I can always rely on Cottontail to provide professional services with quick turnarounds and added value. Good design sense and a high-degree of technical knowhow has become indispensable for my business.