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Cottontail builds elegant, responsive WordPress sites varying in complexity. We prioritize design and ensure that users find exactly the information they’re after.

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Your website is the first place people will go for information about you. Cottontail develops websites that are responsive to both desktop browsers and phones and tablets which ensures that your most important information is accessible to anyone, anywhere. Explore Cottontail websites below, or contact us to get started on your project.

Design Philosophy


A site that looks good is important. Your customers or readers won’t take you seriously if your site doesn’t look professional. Cottontail makes your site look elegant and professional.


Cottontail believes that web design should strike a balance between a focus on good design and good content. We like to keep things simple so that your visitors aren’t distracted¬†from what’s most important: getting the information they’re after.


With our site builds seeing 15-60% of traffic coming from mobile devices, we understand the importance of having a site that works across all devices. Cottontail builds websites that look just as good on your 27″ monitor as they do on your phone.

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Development Philosophy


We understand that today’s marketing environment is incredibly dynamic. Cottontail builds websites that are easy to edit and easy to adjust to changing messaging and behaviors.


We like to work with small businesses so we make sure that they understand their sites and that they can add content if they please. We don’t want to force our clients to need us to make small changes if they don’t want to.


Having worked on other developer’s sites for clients, we know how unnecessarily cluttered a site’s backend can become. Cottontail makes sites that are as simple as possible. After all, simplicity = speed = happy visitors.

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