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Cottontail Creative Digital Constulting Services

Find web technologies that improve your business

Cottontail offers web consulting to help you navigate the overloaded world of business web applications

Have you found web apps that seem to do it all but don’t actually do it for you? Get professional guidance on digital solutions that fit your business. There are 20 different ways to send out a newsletter to your customers but what works well for your friend’s marketing department at a Fortune 500 may not be appropriate for your small business. Web technology consulting looks at your business, your budget, and your needs to find the perfect apps that take care of your daily workload. Cottontail has experience with a number of common problems your business may have:

  • Email inboxes for you and your employees
  • Newsletters and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Paid per click digital advertising (PPC)
  • eCommerce platforms and plugins
  • Digital media delivery
  • Cross-platform analytics
  • Customer support
  • Customer database management
  • And more

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Consulting questions and areas of expertise

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