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Need the most security and speed for your website?

With no servers to hack or load, a static website is the ultimate option for web performance.

If you just need information about your business on the web and you don’t want to worry about the potential nightmares of hackers, server maintenance, and overage fees consider a static website. A static website is basically just serving the individual page files your visitors are looking for over a blazing fast network. Think of it like the old days of the web but with (much) better design and incredibly fast loading times. The added bonus is that with no servers, there is no vulnerability to hackers or web attacks. Static websites are perfect if you’re looking for an edge in your search engine optimization (SEO) with improved speed or you want to keep your data as safe as possible. An added bonus is that static websites require virtually no maintenance and can drastically reduce costs.

Recent works


VERTICAL is a Boise, ID-based general contractor. They needed a new portfolio to showcase decades of Idaho buildings and their growing team. Cottontail built a mobile-first static website to improve performance and make their work available to anyone on any device.

Common Static Website questions

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