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Struggling to find the perfect fit for your business' website?

Consider a custom theme for WordPress, Shopify, or another content management platform from Cottontail.

These days nearly every business has a website but actually creating it and replacing the same “under construction” page you’ve had up for the last year and a half can be incredibly difficult. When you start the process of making your website, you have two options: pay for a service where you can painstakingly put together every piece to get it to look exactly how you want or using a generic template in a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Shopify where you have little control over the look of your content. The happy middle ground is to hire a professional digital designer like Cottontail Creative to build you a custom theme for your CMS website. A custom theme is designed one-of-a-kind for your brand and your business. It can also have benefits to your site in the form of web speed improvements, better search engine performance, and the ability to make quick changes down the road. At Cottontail we’re most experienced with WordPress but we can work with and accommodate other platforms if we feel like it’s truly best for your needs.

Recent works

Discover Corps

Discover Corps — an international, purpose-driven travel company — desperately need a facelift and some technical improvements on their lead generation site. Cottontail built as a custom WordPress theme and allowed Discover Corps to utilize significant site speed improvements, a unique modern design, and improved customer experience.


monitorQA, a SaaS startup, needed a new site to be the backbone of their online marketing and product feature showcase. The site was built as a custom WordPress theme with a unique design that set them apart from their competitors and matched with the design system they used for their app.

Summer Springboard

Summer Springboard had an outdated WordPress website that was supposed to be doing the legwork for their lead generation and search engine marketing. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, the company needed to move their offerings online. Cottontail conducted an extensive design overhaul, built a new custom theme to accommodate their growing content offerings, and improved customer experience faster page loads.

Common concerns for custom theme development

Cottontail Creative can help with a number of issues you may be having with your business. We're experts in custom theme development, design, and digital technologies.