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monitorQA, a SaaS startup, needed a new site to be the backbone of their online marketing and product feature showcase. The site was built as a custom WordPress theme with a unique design that set them apart from their competitors and matched with the design system they used for their app.

The final monitorQA homepage design

monitorQA is a growing start-up in the competitive mobile inspection software space and their website was a critical element of their early success. They primarily needed a place to showcase the features of their app and their simple pricing. Cottontail worked closely with their marketing team to include all the elements they needed to successfully market their product and none of the ones they didn’t. We also worked with their in-house graphic designer to produce a variety of icons and illustrations to bring the site to life. The success of their SaaS business also hinged on running a number of PPC ad campaigns. Cottontail designed and developed a number of modules to help them create landing pages to showcase their features and advantages in their campaigns. Overall we’re incredibly proud of the result of this project and the ongoing relationship we have with the team and their colleagues.

From the client:

I hired Aidan to build a custom WordPress theme for a SaaS startup. I chose him because he had thoughtful recommendations about how to architect the site for page-speed without giving up usability or design. He possesses a unique combination of design and coding skills. We didn’t sacrifice anything by working with someone who is both a developer and designer. He also provided guidance on other web technologies to improve our site.

Andrew Motiwalla, Chief Revenue Officer monitorQA

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