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Discover Corps — an international, purpose-driven travel company — desperately need a facelift and some technical improvements on their lead generation site. Cottontail built as a custom WordPress theme and allowed Discover Corps to utilize significant site speed improvements, a unique modern design, and improved customer experience.

Custom WordPress theme homepage design for Discover Corps by Cottontail Creative
The final Discover Corps homepage design

Like most businesses, Discover Corps made some massive changes in the wake of the pandemic: small brand positioning changes, a refined business model, downsizing, and the way they generated leads on their website. Discover Corps has always been an experience-driven travel company but in the wake of the pandemic, it needed to reframe some of its offerings to better fit there customers’ preferences and behaviors. Their original WordPress website served the crucial purpose of educating their customers on the communities they would travel to and Discover Corps values but it felt transactional and the design was tired.

From the client:

When we decided to redesign our website around a new brand concept, we turned to Aidan to strategically develop what we had in mind. Aidan not only exceeded our expectations in terms of what he created but provided thought leadership throughout the process helping to guide the design in an even better direction. We continue to work with Aidan to continuously improve the website and ensure that it is running optimally. His support has been invaluable.

Alex DuBois, Marketing Director Discover Corps

Cottontail Creative came in to help Discover Corps refresh its dated website design. Experience is what ultimately makes a good trip abroad and Discover Corps travelers had the amazing experiences but using the website didn’t reflect the trips they’d be taking. Cottontail came up with a refreshed design that better utilized the updated branding and guided users through information in a story-driven way all while maintaining the crucial lead generation functionality.

Custom WordPress theme trip page design for Discover Corps by Cottontail Creative
The trip page to showcase travel offerings

The design from Cottontail not only helped Discover Corps improve their user experience with updated, responsive designs they also improved the crucial page-speed performance of the site. WordPress can be notorious for slow page loading times with mountains of plugins and poorly developed themes, but Cottontail took extra care to ensure that the custom WordPress theme was carefully developed. The site came with everything it needed and nothing it didn’t which gave it high marks on page-speed benchmarks for both mobile, and desktop.

Responsive mobile-first designs the Discover Corps by Cottontail Creative
Responsive, mobile-first designs across the custom theme

Cottontail has continued to support and manage the Discover Corps website, making periodic improvements and changes that further help them adapt to our ever-changing world and their ever-improving business model. If your business needs a redesigned website, custom WordPress theme, strategic advice, or web development help, please request a quote or contact us.