Tourism eSchool’s Marketing Program

Destination Marketing Mentoring Program graphics were developed for Tourism e School’s newest course

Paige and Rebecca have a high-level, tailored mentoring program for staff in destinations who are responsible for the development and implementation of Destination Marketing Strategies.

Here are some of the graphics we created for the program:

3D Booklets to showcase each module booklet

The booklets are showcasing some of the workbooks that come with the program, which is excellent for marketing purposes as it shows customers in a tenth of a second some of the materials inside the program.





Used for the top of the sales page

eCourse Banner Promotional Graphic_low_res

Square graphic 

Once the initial artwork is created, we can transpose it into all of the sizes needed whether they are square, rectangle, workbooks or banner ads for marketing.










All of the graphics were created to have a prestige feel to demonstrate the quality offered in the program.