Phoebe Hook – Soulful Warrior

Phoebe is such a shining light in our world, and so she deserves to have a brand that shines along with her. The graphics I created for Phoebe (check out her site here) are as gorgeous as her, and as unique. So what I wanted to do was create something that was unique, and I did that in the form of hand drawn typography.

The image behind the hand drawn type was an image Phoebe chose, which was altered to make sure the colour scheme matched her brand adding blue tones and was cropped to maximise the space at the top of her website. I’ve also made sure the type is crisp and clear to read while still maintaining a professional yet feminine and flowing feeling.

Majestic sunset in the mountains landscape. Overcast sky before

There were other elements designed, to complement like these instagram images below




Instagram_Phoebe2     Instagram_Phoebe5

We started out with inspiration images, colour ways, and a vision board for what the brand would look like, which extended out into other elements as we went along.

website vision board_sml

More custom typography for Phoebe’s about page header phoebe-about-page-b


Manifesto poster custom designed below Phoebe_manifesto

Initial inspiration for colour ways in the images

phoebe pics