Technology Illuminator and Implementor

Michelle’s Brand was in need of an update, to represent the growth and professionalism that Michelle’s brand embodied, but wasn’t being represented in visual form.

The branding journey first began with a strategy session over Skype. Michelle first came to me to update a different part of her business, and we decided we should start from the top down – designing her big umbrella brand first, so other sub brands could sit underneath in the future. Michelle’s visual branding needed to be pulled together and finessed, and we’ve done that with textural background elements along with the logo. The logo is based on a hand drawn mandala of Michelle’s, and incorporates the technology side of the business with the thin webbed lines and a glowing element to represent the tech illumination she provides for her clients.

You can see below the brand’s before and afters below:

Michelle_before and after

michelle_logo_sml michelle_logo_watermark









This version of the logo above was created to use as a watermark, and the textures below are used wherever needed throughout the brand, to add depth and brand recognition in the online space. background_textures