Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

Mad Cowgirls LogoMad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery is a brand new store in Melbourne (their doors aren’t quite open yet but they will be soon!)

I worked with Pearl and Beri, a mother and daughter team up. As a vegan myself I was pretty darn exited about this store, AND right near my house too, what a nice coincidence!

The Logo

The creative idea behind the logo is to reflect the balance of nature, in an evocation of the yin yang symbol. The text is vine like, to symbolise growth and was created solely for this logo. The hidden faces that connect to the cow are representation of the stores owners, which also represent their feminine strength.

The Secondary Logo

Brand Identity Mad Cowgirls

I created this secondary logo for where the first circular logo wasn’t appropriate to use. When scaled down to a small size the writing becomes too illegible.

Why is your visual identity important?

Your logo is the visual expression of everything your brand stands for. It becomes your silent ambassador, your advertising agent working 24/7.