Harry’s Gym is different to most gyms in the area – it’s focused on a personal approach, where Harry is the one you’ll be dealing with, you won’t be pawned off and lost in a sea of trainers. Harry focuses on getting the best results in the shortest, easiest way using his knowledge of modern day science to get his clients the best results.



Harry’s Gym logo in black and white


So, we wanted to take a different approach with Harry’s Gym logo and craft something that was strong but still very personable at the same time. Most gyms you see nowadays are overly masculine and over designed – and I don’t think it’s really necessary. When you’re crafting your graphics for your business you want to keep in mind that your graphics aren’t the only thing that is non-verbally communicating to your audience. Your conversations, emails, posts on social media are all contributing to your brand message and it’s important not to get too carried away with your graphics and trying to shoe-horn in all of your values into the one graphic.


Pattern design to complement Harry’s Gym graphics

You can see below some of the processes I went through to explore the options for the ‘H’. A ‘H’ is great to play with because I essentially had seven rectangles to work with, and I’d noticed that they looked like barbells – pretty perfect for a gym!


So after I’d spent a day or so exploring the options for the ‘H’ I wanted to counterbalance it with something friendlier, so I started working up the lettering from a font, and altering sections of the letters until I was happy with what I’d crafted.

Harry's Gym Logo


The final outcome as you can see above combines the ‘H’ with the Harry’s Gym typography to provide a strong and friendly graphic to represent all that Harry’s Gym will become.

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