H Wood Logo Design

H Wood Logo Design


H-Wood: Stands for Hollywood!

H Wood Logo Design: Notice how the two o’s are snaked around the H. Incorporating your text in a way that no-one else can copy is important in logo design, you have to think – can someone come along and replace the letters in my logo with their words? Think about the M in McDonalds, the GE in General Electric, the way Fed Ex wouldn’t be able to be replaced by another word because of the way it’s structured. (Ever notice the arrow between the ‘e’ and the ‘x’? If you haven’t go have a quick look)

While this design was originally for t-shirts, I can really see it working for caps. This is something else to consider when designing your logo – what mediums will it work for? Will I be able to use it in the future if my business ever expands into different markets?


Does it work in black and white? What backgrounds will it work on? All of these questions need to be considered when thinking about logo design.