• Differentiate your Brand. Stand out. Be different. But be you.

  • Let your light shine, turn your raw text into something your fans will rave about

    Become an instant author! Not only will it give you an experts edge, you will also be able to spread your message on a mass scale.

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  • Everyone has a story. Tell yours.

    Let your light shine and bottle it all up in a gorgeous little digi book for your readers to devour.

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Beautiful ebook Design. Join these gorgeous ladies and step up and let your light shine

In this information-centric world your content needs to be clear to be absorbed, and it needs to attract attention.

Rise up from the sea and create your blue ocean, don’t leave it to chance.

Design is fundamental


Position yourself as the expert you are

I won’t farm out your project to a bull pen of designers overseas. Too many chefs spoil the broth after all. I will spear head your design from one creative vision which means it won’t become diluted and flavourless. I won’t pull rank over you and insist on a certain design if you don’t think its going to work for you, I don’t pretend I know everything – and who knows your business better than you? I will use critical thinking to determine and create branding that represents everything that you are.

You’re in good company.


belinda“Choosing to work with Stacey on my ebook design was fantastic. Her design skills are so intuitive, she was able to take my ideas and turn them into a cohesive and flowing design. I would highly recommend Stacey – amazing work and great service!” – Belinda Leskiw, 


Stacey, you are unbelievably AWESOME! We’re so thrilled with what you’ve done! Thanks so much for just “getting” us. The handful of people I’ve shown so far are blown away! Pearl and I couldn’t be happier with what you’ve done and everyone loves it!!!

Pearl and Beri Sadto-Lord, Owners of Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery, Melbourne


“Sometimes it’s hard to find a designer that truly gets your brand and design aesthetic. I really value that you get the look and feel I’m going for. We don’t need to go back and forth on revisions because you usually nail it right out of the gate. I also appreciate that you understand online marketing and what’s needed from a design perspective.” – CEO + Founder of Stephanie Pollock Media Inc.


Make back your investment quick sticks

It’s a real no-brainer. You could make back your investment in as little as 40 sales,

eBook $600 @ $15 each = 40 sales

BOOM you’ve made back your investment.

If this sounds like your cup of tea you can fill out an application form by clicking the circle below. See you on the other side.


You are:

+ Ready to conquer. You are ready to level up in a massive way.

+ A soul fuelled entrepreneur. You cast aside the status quo.

+ Might be secretly terrified of what success will bring, but you are tired of waiting.

+ Know you have something to offer the world and you are ready to make the commitment + investment and allow your work to shine.

+ Appreciate the value of clear communication and investing in your business.

+ Have a draft of your content ready to go.

Why choose me?

Hey there – I’m Stacey, and I work with female entrepreneurs all over the world. Why? Because I love connecting with these gorgeous souls, and being a freedom seeker I believe that everyone can craft an ebook to serve their people, whether it be a short opt-in or a 100 page workbook. Want it ready for Amazon? Covered. Want it print ready? We can do that too.

Scroll on for more design examples:

Here’s an example of a PDF for Aunt Maggies Gourmet Grocery

booklet design
“I want to thank you for creating such an amazing piece of work for the Fitz juice bar. It is beyond amazing.” – Eliza Ryan, Aunt Maggies



Example of a filla-ble PDF for DIY Website Coach:
PDF for Melanie Sorensen DIY Marketing Strategy:

ebook design