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Google’s new logo

Google has just updated their Logo today – and I have to say – it’s so nice to be rid of those Serifs. But it’s not really about my … Read More

What does a heart, a hog, and an injection have in common?

Probably nothing, except for the fact that they’re all part of my new branding packages

If you’re in dire need of a defibrillator jump start or ramp up your branding – you’re in luck. I can help. Click here to download. 

There’s … Read More

The trade-off when you’re pricing your services

There’s a trade-off that happens when you purchase anything

In this video I’ll quickly (and don’t sue me, it’s unscripted) I’ll tell you how my services are priced, and how you might want to price your services too.

Enjoy, and … Read More

15 Minute Brand Blockbuster Sessions

So looking forward to chatting to you face to face!

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3 Month Goal Setting Challenge! (free printable)

3 Month Goal Setting Challenge! (free printable)

Last week I clocked 56 hours on my computer – that’s over 11 hours each day. What?? How did that happen? I thought I was supposed to be working less with my own business, … Read More