July 17, 2014

3 Month Goal Setting Challenge! (free printable)

3 Month Goal Setting Challenge! (free printable)

Last week I clocked 56 hours on my computer – that’s over 11 hours each day. What?? How did that happen? I thought I was supposed to be working less with my own business, with more freedom and more money?

The reality is that you end up being the one doing the cleaning, the bookwork, the accounts, the invoices, the client calls, the email (I spent 6 hours last week in my mail app alone! Oh and – I use Rescue time to track my usage of apps) not to mention the learning curve that comes with sales calls, webinars, your website, social media… and so sometimes you get caught up in your ‘to-do’ list but it never feels like you’re actually getting anywhere at all. This then spirals into depression, you wonder why you’re ‘never getting anything done’, and you’re always saying stuff like ‘I don’t have the time.’ (We all have the same hours in the day as Beyonce is all I have to say about that.) You also gave up writing goals because you feel like you’re just making up a bunch of shit. And anyway, goal setting is for wankers who read too many self help books, right? Wrong.

I know. I was there just a few months ago, I didn’t understand what I was supposed to be writing down, I felt like a total fraud writing my goals like a kindergardener writes about what they want to be when they get older. But my coach said to me a few weeks ago that maybe I wasn’t connected to the goals, maybe they’re someone else’s goals. BAM. That was it, I was writing down goals I sort of figured I had to, instead of the ones I actually wanted. (Like wanting a studio space, but that’s a post for another day.) Societal pressure can be the darndest thing, it’s so stealthy it seeps into your mind and if you’re not careful it can take over. Watch this video about re-programming your subconscious mind.

But today I’m talking about goals, Enter: The 3 Month Goal Setting Challenge. This challenge comes off the back of working with my coach, who is helping me systemise my business processes and well, figure out this whole shebang that is being in business! I’m doing the challenge, so I invite you along for the ride with me. Set your intention to the universe, and download the pdf I’ve created for you here where you’ll start off by thinking about your BIG want to pee-in-your-pants / makes you so excited you’re staying up late at night to work on it. It could be to speak at an event, launch a course, finish your website, run a marathon.

Next step:  

Write your BIG ASS goal in the comments or over on Facebook so I can be extra motivated to achieve my goals as well. We can all give each other some motivation to kick ass in the next 3 months and make some HUGE shifts in our businesses. It starts right now. The calendar is dated, and I’ve left lots of room for scribbling. One thing to note about when you’re thinking about what it is you want to achieve in the next 3 months is to make sure you’re being completely honest with yourself, and not to make it a monetary goal. If you write $10,000 as your goal for each month, you won’t be motivated to achieve it, and there’s no way you can break it down into actionable steps. Let’s get crackin’.

ps. Spare a moment of your soon to be highly prioritised time to share with anyone you think might benefit from some of the goal setting goodness. xx Enjoy!


Download (3-Month-Goal-Setting-Challenge-Cottontail-Creative.pdf,TYPE, 552KB)


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