• Work with me

    Ready to dive in and create a brand you love? I’ll create a visual identity that speaks to your audience and represents who you are and what you do

  • Tired of information products?

    Want a tangible marketing tool that you can implement right now to become a recognisable presence in your field?

  • Intelligent design

    Want your identity to represent your core zone of genius and entrepreneurial style? Is your business taking off but your visuals aren’t quite matching up?

Here are some of the key services I offer:




logo_exampleVisual Identity / Logo Design

Visual Branding is my passion, and the core of what I do. I will collaborate with you to create a Visual Identity that will match your particular zone of genius.

You want your customers to understand who you are as soon as they see your visual representation, because people make up their mind about you within 3 seconds of having seen your website. 


  • Unlimited email contact with me
  • Skype meetings
  • Brand Style guide to help you implement your new Identity
  • Social Media graphics included (when you choose option 2 or 3)
  • Opt-in PDF ebook for your soon to be raving fans (again with option 2 or 3)
  • Business card artwork
  • Sourcing of free or paid stock photography if required
  • Ownership of all graphics once payment has been made


  • Do you have a business thats gaining traction but your visual identity isn’t quite matching up?
  • One-on-one time with me (Skype or in person, depending on where you are) to talk through your business mission
  • Unlimited email contact

You are:

  • Collaborative and open to suggestions
  • Want the best for your business and know that ‘cheap’ is not a good business decision
  • Enthusiastic and you understand what problems you solve for your clients and/or customers
  • A willingness to be open to visuals you might not have first envisioned 

Invest today and your branding will serve your for many years to come

Click here to download a PDF overview of my Branding Packages

 PDF Layouts, and Opt-in design


  • Create an e-book for your opt-in peeps – see the full low down here
  • Ready to go? Fill in the design brief here
  • Use layouts and convert them easily into printed products (e.g. booklets)
  • Use as worksheets for your clients
  • Have a short pdf? Contact me for a custom quote

Booklet Designbooklets

  • Ever thought about a promotional tool like a small A5 booklet to hand out at your next market stall, event or course?
  • Booklets are great because the are small and pocket sized, and are less likely to be thrown out
  • Use QR codes to track log-ins and direct customers to your site
  • Print a large number off at once to save on printing costs

bcard-designBusiness Card Design

  • I can create business cards at a standard size – or we can work on a custom size for your card
  • Have them printed with awesome effects like foil stamping or letter pressing (de-bossing)
  • Huge range of paper stocks to choose from (like a brown recycled card, or a delicate cream satin for wedding invitations)
  • Get 250 business cards printed for only $76 with my hand picked printer (not including artwork, standard stock paper only)

Promotional Material 


  • Do you need something out of the ordinary – like a brochure that folds into a square?
  • Need your logo screen printed on a bag?
  • Want to chat about the possibilities for your printed marketing materials?


I have never worked with a graphic designer and I didn’t know what to expect. I was afraid of the GD not understanding my vision. I love that you got me. Even though I threw so much information on you, you knew how to sort out what mattered and what needed to be focused on to reach my goal. - Veronica Acebedo Owner of V Spa Los Angeles, CA, USA